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Protect your Health and the Environment with EPA registered line of Products

Are you looking for anti-microbial products that are safe, non-toxic and very effective? There are many hand sanitizers and vegetable and fruit washes available that claim to kill germs but most are not EPA registered and USDA certified. PRO-SAN® was developed through years of research and tested thoroughly and proven to be a quality product that can be used safely to protect yourself, your family and the public from harmful bacteria.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) works to ensure that Americans are protected from significant risks to their health and the environment at home,

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Can bacteria in your intestines tell you when and what to eat?

A team of investigators from the University of Rouen France, the Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia and Bio-Rad have proposed that the gut bacteria and the human nervous system interact to determine food preference ( presented in the Journal of Bacteriology). The bacteria produce chemical signals called neuroendocrines that are transmitted first to local intestinal nervous system and then to the central nervous system (the brain). The bacteria which want particular food suggest the host of their food preference “menu.” The host becomes a matre d or menu server.

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