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Protect your Health and the Environment with EPA registered line of Products

Are you looking for anti-microbial products that are safe, non-toxic and very effective? There are many hand sanitizers and vegetable and fruit washes available that claim to kill germs but most are not EPA registered and USDA certified. PRO-SAN® was developed through years of research and tested thoroughly and proven to be a quality product that can be used safely to protect yourself, your family and the public from harmful bacteria.


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) works to ensure that Americans are protected from significant risks to their health and the environment at home, in school and at work. They also strive to keep our communities and ecosystems sustainable, diverse and economically productive. One way this is accomplished is by testing products to prove that they are as safe and effective as promised. PRO-SAN® has met the EPA’s stringent standards. The EPA has examined the effectiveness data and determined that the products meet their standards. When testing the product the level of bacteria that is used is 1000 times greater than what would be expected during normal use.


PRO-SAN® products also carry the USDA Certified Biobased label and the product’s label lists the percentage of biobased content. Biobased products help to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels by replacing our need for many petroleum-based products. It is very important to PRO-SAN® to not only provide products that are safe and effective for human consumption but also to ensure that the harmful effects to the environment are minimized.

Wash vegetables

Did you know that by the time a fruit or vegetable reaches your table it could have been handled by as many as 94 people?. PRO-SAN® Fruit & Vegetable Wash Cleaner and Sanitizer is a no-rinse sanitizer that was developed with Food Grade ingredients and approved by the EPA and the USDA. PRO-SAN® kills 99.999% of the bacteria that fruit and vegetables come in contact with during the growing, picking and distribution processes. PRO-SAN® Fruit & Vegetable Wash Cleaner and Sanitizer products are available in both powder and concentrated form for commercial purposes or in a spray for household use


There are several products offered by PRO-SAN® for personal use. They include DENTORAL® a mint oil mouthwash that uses bacterial killing properties combined with the old-age medicinal properties of mint oil to formulate an effective and pleasant mouthwash that does not stain teeth or cause a burning sensation. DENTORAL® eliminates bad breath and reduces plaque buildup. For children PRO-SAN® has developed the SpringKiss Jr. Children’s Mouthwash which is alcohol-free and bubble gum flavored. This child-friendly product includes food grade ingredients including xylitol a plant based anti-cariogenic sweetener recommended by the World Health Organization. SpringKiss Jr is effective against plaque buildup, bad breath and bleeding gums. Another safe and effective PRO-SAN® product is Silky-Soft® a patented sanitizing soap that has the mildest index of any hand soap on the market while being strong enough to kill a broad spectrum of germs. Without the use of harsh chemicals it protects against the H1N1 virus, MRSA, VRE and other bacteria.


PRO-SAN® products have been tested and evaluated so that you can be assured that they will protect against harmful bacteria that surrounds us on a daily
basis while helping to protect the environment.

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