healthy surface sanitizing solutions

Healthier Surface Sanitizing solutions

Several Surface sanitizers available in the market pose health risks to consumers who are using it owing to the unsafe chemicals present in them. This further manifests itself as skin allergic reactions, pollution of environment and deadly diseases such as cancer. It is a known fact that fumes from certain sanitizers and cleaning substances trigger asthma in otherwise healthier individuals. Frequent use of ordinary cleaning supplies at the workplace or residence induces respiratory illnesses and health problems such as allergies. Formaldehyde is a common ingredient in regular sanitizers which is a known carcinogen. Moreover, studies reveal that children born to people who took up cleaning jobs involving ordinary cleaners while pregnant have had birth defects in their off springs. Few other cleaners in the market also cause chemical burns along with irritations and allergies. In spite of all the above health concerns, the product labels of the common surface sanitizers do not include health warnings or indications, thereby not providing complete information to the consumer who may then not be able to make an informed and perfect decision. Consumers are encouraged to read product labels carefully and choose sanitizing solutions that are devoid of formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasing substances.

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Now for the good news. Microcide Inc., is a leading provider of healthier sanitizing solutions. Microcide products are all approved by FDA & USDA as food grade and this comes as a huge relief to a vast population who were in search of the healthiest sanitizers for their families, loved ones and kids. All of Microcide products have undergone years and years of extensive research, proven to be safe and non-toxic and poses no health hazards. Moreover Microcide products are compact and easy to carry on when traveling. Yet another great news is that Microcide is an affiliate partner of the NASA Food Technology for the commercial space center!

healthy surface sanitizing solutions


Some more crystal clear advantages that Microcide products have over their counterparts is that most of Microcide’s products kills 99.999% of bacteria on contact. The products do not leave residues on fruits and vegetables. These produce are known to have significant increase of shelf life while the vitamins and vital nutrients contained in the produce are preserved. Upon contact, Microcide’s products form odorless biodegradable solutions that are alcohol free and these solutions are non-toxic and safe. Microcide’s no rinse food contact surface sanitizer is known to kill even antibiotic resistant bacteria. Microcide’s range of products can be efficiently employed to meet the sanitizing needs of Residences, Commercial buildings, Schools, Daycares, Hospitals, Nursing homes etc.,

Look no further if you want only the safe, reliable and best sanitizing solution. All of our products are several steps ahead of the common sanitizers and cleaning solutions available in the market. Try Microcide Sanitizers today and you are guaranteed to feel that our products are a class apart!

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