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Dentoral Alcohol Free Mouthwashes – A Boon To Bad Breath Sufferers.

Bad breath is something that has been experienced by almost all of us at some point in our lives. While bad breath can be embarrassing, it may also be a sign of an underlying health issue and chronic bad breath can trigger anxiety in its sufferers. This impacts the social life and relationships of the sufferer as well. Bad breath sufferers sometimes drain their money by exploring different means to find the perfect cure for their condition.

People turn to over the counter solutions for remedies with their bad breath. Several companies take advantage of this situation and present a variety of Toothpastes, Flosses and Mouthwashes and claim that they are safe and effective. Some of these products aren’t thoroughly tested and leave harmful side effects on consumers that may also include toxic effects. Now you can quit worrying about your bad breath issues and turn to, which is a leading provider of non-toxic antimicrobial products and effective bad breath solutions. Our products are completely safe to use as we have spent years and years of research to assure that our products are absolutely safe, non-toxic and effectively kill bacteria. Our mouthwashes are all alcohol free and we offer exclusive mouthwashes for adults and kids. Adults can choose from Dentoral® Mint oil (5 or 10 refill packets) and Dentoral® Clove oil (5 or 10 refill packets). Kids can use our Spring Kiss Jr. mouthwashes to safeguard their dental hygiene.

Recent research and studies in the medical field have shown that ordinary alcohol based mouthwashes are just not enough to fight bad breath. Alcohol has the tendency to dry the mouth and a dry mouth will not allow the bacteria to be flushed out of the mouth completely. It is to be remembered that bacteria build-up in the oral cavity is the primary cause of bad breath. At, we acknowledge this fact and this is the prime reasoning behind our choice to only provide a range of alcohol free mouthwashes to our customers. We are able to deliver a mix of conventional medicinal properties along with microbicidal properties in all our mouthwashes.

Dentoral® mouthwashes offer robust protection against a broad spectrum of bacteria that causes foul odor and bad breath. Besides, our mouthwashes helps you maintain healthy gums and resists plaque build-up and not to forget mentioning a lot of cost savings from avoiding time-consuming and expensive dental visits. Using our mouthwashes is a breeze for our mouthwashes does not burn your mouth like the regular alcoholic mouthwashes.
There are too many good reasons to try our alcohol free mouthwashes! Just try one today and you will experience the truth for real!

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