Combating Omicron, the Corona Virus Mutant

Corona virus is primarily an airborne infection. The Nasopharynx and oral cavities are preferred route of entry for the virus. The virus has been shown to multiply in these entry sites. We can call these nurseries where the virus multiplies enroute to respiratory systems where it can display severe virulent infections. The nasal cavity, nasopharynx, oropharynx and oral cavity are identified as potential replication sites for the SARS-CoV-2 virus ( Wei-Kung Wang .Taiwan Univ. and David Herrera, Univ. of Madrid). To add credence to this observation, Dr. Andrew Chan at Harvard School of medicine and scientists from Kings College in London reported that lack of taste and smell was the best harbinger of coronavirus infection.

Omicron is a highly mutated strain of SARS-CoV-2 virus which has about 50 mutations with 30 mutations in the spike protein (Lawrence Young, Warwick Medical School, UK). In addition to Omicron mutation the parent Delta variant has 4 additional mutants in the nucleoprotein that makes it produce 10 times more virus particles (Dr. J Doudna Lab, Univ. Berkely, CA).

Spike protein is used by the virus to attach and enter cells. Omicron variant has shown high transmissibility, is more rapidly spreading in only a number of days rather than a number of weeks as the previous virus strains. The virus has been spreading in many countries in South Africa resulting in travel bans from several South African countries. Additionally, Omicron has been found in Canada and the UK as well.

Corona viruses make us potentially vulnerable to deadly infections’ reminding us why we need to follow a number of protective measures. These include physical means such as wearing facial mask, hand sanitation, and keeping distance from personal contacts. We have additional immune measures available as well of two doses of vaccine and a booster dose. However, the virus appears to evade these measures by rapidly mutating with higher transmissibility, higher virulence of infection and mutations to evade vaccine produced antibody interaction.

Our physical measures have limited protection from preventing the virus to enter the body. Like an onion we need several layers of preventive measures to prevent infection against #Omicron virus strain. Once in the body the virus can multiply and rapidly spread to many organs. Present MRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna are prepared to produce antibodies to bind and neutralize the molecules used by the virus to attach and enter cells. However, the virus can mutate and make changes in the molecules that no longer combine with antibodies. Thus, as the virus mutates the vaccines become ineffective.

A primary measure to reduce the population of virus in oral cavity could result in the number of viruses entering pulmonary system. Microcide’s #antimicrobialmouthwash #DENTORAL® has been found to be highly effective in killing original #SARS-Cov-2 in suspension tests. A single measure like this can add to other menageries of protective measures in preventing corona virus infection. DENTORAL® kills viruses irrespective of their mutation status, it should be effective whether the strain is Delta or Omicron. Visit us at for more tips for your safer environment.

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