Controlling Covid infections while waiting for new COVID vaccine

Microcide®. Inc.

Introducing COVID-19 vaccines in a short time is a great scientific achievement. Scientists have been researching coronavirus for many years enabling them to quickly develop these vaccines. SARS-CoV2, one of many coronaviruses, is a fast-spreading virus rapidly mutating as it passes from person to person. With every mutation It can alter its surface structure to bypass vaccine induced neutralizing antibodies. Pfizer & Moderna vaccines are only 30% or so effective against Delta variant as compared to Alpha variant. Because mutation out paces vaccine development against a new variant, we need alternative control measures in the time gap

Besides usual control measures such as self-quarantine, face mask & safe distancing, we need safer products besides chlorine or alcohol-based sanitizers, to kill the virus quickly. Alcohol based hand sanitizers are flammable & hazardous, their use dries up skin, and chlorine or quaternary based sanitizers cannot be used on food.

Microcide has developed several innovative safe & food grade based products. These products have been tested against SARS CoV-2 virus at a certified level 3 biosafety national laboratory. PRO-SAN® L a water-based food grade spray kills more than 99.999% viruses in less than 30 seconds. Available as ready-to-use spray or instant powder concentrate water-soluble refill. Silky-Soft® is an alcohol free herbal antimicrobial hand and body wash containing Aloe vera to use with or without water. Order from

Introducing COVID-19 vaccines in a short time is a great scientific achievement. The fast-spreading virus rapidly mutating makes vaccines only 30% or so effective against Delta variant. Microcide’s innovative food grade based products are safer. .

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