FAQ What is PRO-SAN® LCR? 

PRO-SAN® LCR is a fast acting ready to use sanitizer. You can conveniently use to spray or wipe clean to sanitize food contact surfaces such as countertops, cutting boards, dishes, sinks, doorknobs and other surfaces. It can also be used on fruits and vegetables to kill bacteria and extend the shelf life. It is also effective in cleaning piping and taps in breweries, soda faucets and nozzles, dairies and food processing plants. Soft ice cream, juice, soda, coffee and tea dispenser units.

Is it safe to use PRO-SAN® LCR on fruits and vegetables? 

PRO-SAN® LCR is safe and non-toxic to wash fruits and vegetables. It is made using only the USDA and FDA approved food ingredients and/or GRAS food additives. It does not contain Chlorine (bleach) or Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QUATS). It is not soap and will not leave residue on fruits and vegetables.

How do I use PRO-SAN® LCR (Liquid)? 

To clean fruits and vegetables spray with PRO-SAN® L to wet the entire surface and keep for at least one minute, and then rinse with water.  To sanitize food contact surfaces like counters tops, dishes, utensils, sinks, drains, cutting boards spray with PRO-SAN® L for at least one minute. NO NEED TO RINSE with water. For dispensing units fill to flush the lines, rinse with water. Does not affect taste or reduce beer foam.

 How does PRO-SAN® LCR work? PRO-SAN® L works in three ways:

  • Cleaning - It emulsifies and removes the dirt and soil and other water insoluble contaminants that may be present on fruits/vegetables and food contact surfaces. 
  • Sanitizing - It kills 99.999% of the bacteria on contact.
  • Chelating - It binds, difficult to rinse, heavy metals and chemical residues on produce and washes them away when rinsed.
  • Makes produce cleaner with enhanced color.

 Will PRO-SAN® LCR alter the taste of my fruits and Vegetables? 

PRO-SAN® LCR is odorless and colorless; it will not alter the taste or impart any color to fruits and vegetables.

Can I wash organic produce with PRO-SAN® LCR? 

Organic produce though grown organically can be contaminated with bacteria from the soil or water and handling during shipping/packaging. PRO-SAN® L will not alter nor destroy the vitamins and nutrients in the produce. It will not leave behind during residue on fruits and vegetables.

Is PRO-SAN® LCR safe to use around children and the elderly?  

Yes. PRO-SAN® LCR is safe to use around the young and the old alike.