What is PRO-SAN® LC? 

PRO-SAN® LC is a liquid concentrated product for washing fruits and vegetables as well as cleaning hard food contact surfaces. For use it is diluted 1 fl oz (29.5 mL) to one gallon of water.

Is it safe to use PRO-SAN® LC on fruits and vegetables? 

PRO-SAN® LC is safe and non-toxic to wash fruits and vegetables. It is made only from USDA and FDA approved food ingredients and/or food additives. It does not contain Chlorine (bleach) or Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QUATS). It is not soap and will not leave residue on fruits and vegetables.

How do I use PRO-SAN® LC? 

PRO-SAN® LC is an institutional product and is often diluted by metering system. One ounce (29.5 mL) makes one gallon of ready-to use solution. Immerse fruits and vegetables in PRO-SAN® LC solution for at least one minute, and then rinse with water. As long as the solution remains clear uncontaminated with fruit juices and dirt it may be used for cleaning additional batch of produce. To clean hard food contact surfaces like counters, dishes, utensils, sinks, drains, cutting boards apply PRO-SAN® LC solution for at least one minute then drain excess fluid and allow to dry.

How does PRO-SAN® LC work? 

PRO-SAN® LC works in two ways: Cleaning: It emulsifies and removes the dirt, soil and other water insoluble contaminants that may be present on fruits/vegetables and food contact surfaces. Chelating - It binds to heavy toxic metals and chemicals on produce and washes them away when rinsed. Makes produce cleaner with enhanced bright color.

Will PRO-SAN® LC alter the taste of my fruits and Vegetables? 

PRO-SAN® LC is odorless and colorless; it will not alter the taste or impart any color to fruits and vegetables.

Can I wash organic produce with PRO-SAN® LC? 

Organic produce though grown organically can be contaminated with bacteria from the soil or water and handling during packaging and shipping.  PRO-SAN®LC will not alter the vitamins and nutrients in the produce. It will not leave behind residue on fruits and vegetables.

How is PRO-SAN® LC used commercially? 

PRO-SAN® LC solution is used to clean produce before packaging in supermarkets and individual stores. It is used as a misting agent on produce to prevent shrinkage and extend shelf life of fruits and vegetables. In restaurants, lunchrooms and cafeteria for cleaning sinks, drain and cutting boards, counter tops, forks, knives, dishes, utensils, and salad preparation surfaces in kitchens. It is also used in dairies and Food Processing Plants as well as for CIP cleaning soft ice cream, juice, and vending machines. In Breweries, It does not reduce beer foam-head.