FAQ Silky-Soft

Why Silky-Soft®? 

Silky-Soft® is a patented sanitizing soap and body wash that kills a broad spectrum of germs (bacteria and other microbes) extremely rapidly. Silky-Soft® is not just antibacterial soap. Where antibacterial soaps do not kill bacteria in short time (20-30 seconds) during hand washing, Silky-Soft® kills millions of bacteria and viruses.  It maintains its efficacy even after you dilute it with water while washing hands. Antibacterial property of many products diminishes once they are diluted with water. Silky-Soft® can be used with or without water.

How does washing hands maintain good hygiene?

 Washing hands is one of the most important steps in preventing spread of germs. Germs attach to hands when we touch any contaminated object. Contaminated hands become vehicles for germs to enter the body.

Can washing with water remove germs from the skin? 

Washing hands with tap water can help to remove salts and water-soluble compounds. However, most often dirt contains oily residues that repel water. Germs trapped in oily dirt cannot be washed with just water.

How good is washing hands with plain soap and water?

 Use of soap and water is good hygienic practice to clean hands. Detergent action of soap washes oily residues. Washing hands with soap may still leave a large population of bacteria on the skin. Sometimes the soap itself may be contaminated with bacteria. That is why some type of soaps have antibacterial chemicals.

How good is antibacterial soap for killing germs on hands? 

Antibacterial chemicals in soap ensure that the soap does not support growth of bacteria. Antibacterial chemicals kill bacteria slowly. Thus, the antibacterial soap acts like ordinary hand soap during a brief period of hand washing. Antibacterial soap may leave residue of antibacterial chemicals on the skin that may prevent future buildup of bacteria on skin.  Antibacterial residues on skin may change the natural bacterial population on the skin. Some experts believe that it is not desirable to change the natural bacterial population of skin. Some antibacterial chemicals in hand soaps are also toxic. Silky-Soft Hand and Body Wash made from USDA and FDA approved food grade ingredients does not contain toxic antibacterial chemicals.

Why health care personnel use sanitizing instead of antibacterial soap? 

Sanitizing soap kills germs rapidly during brief duration of hand washing. In addition to its rapid germ-killing action, a sanitizing soap also has the cleaning power of ordinary soap. This results in most efficient hand cleaning process and ensures much needed safety margin in dealing with patients or contaminated material.

What are sanitizing hand soaps?

 Sanitizing soaps containing chlorohexidine gluconate are used by surgeons and are available only by prescription. These also leave antibacterial residue on skin. Sanitizing iodophor hand soaps are used in food plants. These may have drawbacks of leaving iodine stains. Silky-Soft® brand hand soaps rapidly kill germs. Silky-Soft® sanitizing soaps do not stain and are not likely to leave residue to alter normal bacterial population of the skin.

Is SILKY-SOFT® effective against Coronavirus?

 SILKY-SOFT® is fast acting and 99.99% effective against COVID 19, E coli, Staphylococcus, MRSA, & VRE.