Our customer testimonials are gratefully accepted and come from a wide variety of consumers both home and commercial users of our products including Hills of Home Farms, Healthy Clean Buildings, Backyard Farms, Festival Foods Grocery Stores. We look forward to the addition of your review as well.  Thank You for your help

Hills of Home Farms 
“Hills of Home Farms was established in the 1920’s and since grown to become a leader in the industry. We specialize in the production, harvesting, packaging and distribution of high quality produce. Our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and commitment to food safety is unsurpassed. While searching over 5 years ago for a food grade sanitizer, I came across Pro-San LC, and Pro-San Final Rinse, and have been using them ever since. These products are odor free and free of BPA, chlorine and other harmful chemicals using only FDA approved food grade or GRAS ingredients. The products do not alter the taste of the produce which was a very big concern. We also use the Pro-San LC to sanitize our conveyors and our trailers before loading them with our product. This product provides the safety required in our government food inspections, along with the flavor and quality expected by our customers. Thank you John for an exceptional product and wonderful customer service.”

— Rhonda Frampton

Healthy Clean Buildings 
“For over 20 years, our company HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS – has exclusively provided GREEN CLEANING products to a wide array of end-user customers including schools & apartment buildings. Our mission is to enhance health and well-being in any confined, built environment while enhancing Indoor Air Quality. Our company has created a “profile” for screening products to be accepted into our product mix. The product must be bio-based (no petrochemicals), have a HMIS Health Rating = 0 (ready-to-use) (= 1 for concentrates) and perform according to the standards of professional custodial staffs. Disinfectant cleaners and sanitizers were always an issue regarding our standards since most conventional germ-killing products are poisonous, quaternary ammonium compounds with HMIS ratings = 2 or 3. Several years back, we came across a “new” technology for sanitizing products which met our profile. In a trade magazine excerpt, we learned about the Pro-San ® Line – the 2005 recipient of the Presidential GREEN Chemistry Awards Challenge. Registered as a Cleaner / Sanitizer on Hard Food Contact Surfaces with the Federal E.P.A, Pro-San® was also accepted as an Affiliate Partner of the NASA Food Technology for Commercial Space Center. “PRO-SAN®” KILLS 99.999% of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in 30 seconds. This sanitizing agent only contains food-grade ingredients. (KEY ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Citric Acid). These ingredients DO NOT produce carcinogenic by-products or free radicals within a confined, indoor environment. Releases ABSOLUTELY NO V.O.C.’s into the Indoor Air. (perfect for use within a space capsule). “PRO-SAN®” is a “NO RINSE” SANITIZER. LEAVES ABSOLUTELY NO Chemical Residue on Hard Surfaces. “PRO-SAN®” Cleans & Sanitizes DIRECT Food Contact Surfaces- Sinks, Drains, Cutting Boards, and Counter Tops. Ideal for School & Corporate Cafeteria Tables. Due to these environmental positive benefits, our company highly endorses the distribution and use of the Pro-San® Line. Our customer base supports this endorsement through their repeated business throughout the year.”

— Stan Halpern

DENTORAL Non-Alcoholic Natural Mint
“We are long-time repeat customers. Each order with Microcide has been easy to place and shipped promptly. Great product.”

— Patricia S., Swampscott MA

Pro-San L refill
“Always a easy transaction and a really great product!”

— Eugene K.

Backyard Farms
“Backyard Farms greenhouses produce an estimated 26 million pounds of tomatoes per year distributed throughout the US and Europe. Mark Queenan, the company’s director of quality assurance and food safety, notes that Backyard adheres to Good Agricultural Practices, Good Handling Practices, and Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls. He points out that the company became the first farm in Maine to be USDA GAP Certified in 2007, and in 2010 it became the first farm in Maine and New England and one of the first in the U.S. to be SQF Level 3 certified. In 2012, it was the first farm in Maine to be GAP Harmonized certified, and it is striving to become Global GAP PSS (produce safety standard) certified in 2014. In addition, Backyard’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP, program addresses potential bacterial, chemical, or physical contaminants. Microcode’s PRO-SAN LC plays an important role in food safety. It also added a no-rinse vegetable wash called ProSan LC that works against disease-causing pathogens, spoilage organisms, and tomato plant pathogens. And it has replaced transfer belting in its packhouse 1 to improve cleaning and hygiene.”

— Mark Queenan

Mitsukoshi USA, Inc.
“We have been using Microcide Pro-San-L product exclusively for our Oshibori machine solution for over 1 year. We use a Purus oshibori dispenser from Japan. It dispenses from a sanitary towel roll and uses a warm water reservoir. We needed a product too add to the water reservoir and came upon Microcide. We are very confident that the product provides our guest with a sanitary product. There is no odor or residue. When we use wash cloths for oshibori we use this in a manual method as well. We are satisfied with the product and feel it is a necessary part of our guest safety efforts.”

— Scott Farrow

Festival Foods    
“Festival Foods has been using – PRO-SAN® LC – citric acid rinse for over fifteen years. PRO-SAN® LC has been used in all of our Food Stores.  It is used in individual Fresh Cut departments to rinse produce prior to cutting. Additionally, it is used to rinse some of the cut produce to extend shelf life. The citric acid solution is also used in all of our produce departments to rinse produce prior to cutting in half and packaging. The state of Wisconsin DATCP reviewed the use of this product and found it acceptable.  We have had numerous health department inspections with no concerns with PRO-SAN® LC. We have found this solution to be greatly superior to chlorine and the other produce wash chemicals that we have tested and used. The associates that use PRO-SAN® daily are very happy with it. Both our internal Micro testing and testing completed by a third party demonstrate improvement since using this product. Please call if you have any questions or concerns.”

— Dick Peppard, Food Safety

DraftTex Draught Services, Inc. 
We install, maintain, and service draft beer systems in Texas.
Occasionally we clean the beer lines, but it is not a primary service we perform. When we do, we like to use Pro-San to rinse the caustic cleaner out, and it is also very useful in "mothballing" systems for long periods of time.
We discovered last year that when we left the Pro-San in the lines, even when they weren't chilled, the Pro-San kept the lines free of any organic growth, and the lines were ready to use with no off flavors. 
Added bonus- since it's food safe, we didn't have to worry about anyone getting hurt if they did drink from the taps.

- Christopher Smith