Dentoral Mint Oil (Refill Packets)

Single Packet makes 16 fl. oz of FRESH mouthwash with warm tap water

DENTORAL® mint oil mouthwash combines valuable properties of age-old medicinal properties of mint oil with microbicidal (bacteria killing) properties of patented technology. DENTORAL® mouthwash is formulated using natural mint oil. Mint oil is insoluble in water. Using the FDA approved selected ingredients DENTORAL® is carefully prepared to formulate mint oil in aqueous preparation. Microcide® patented technology is further used to prepare DENTORAL® mouthwash in instantly soluble powder form in warm water. This prevents environmental pollution from repeated use of the plastic containers.

DENTORAL® mouthwash is shelf stable in powder or liquid form, does not fizz out and can be stored and used for over a long period. DENTORAL® mouthwash kills a broad spectrum of bacteria that cause bad breath. Thus it helps prevent bad breath, maintains healthy gums, and controls plaque build-up. Unlike PERIDENT®  dental rinse (prescribed by the dentists),

DENTORAL ® mouthwash does not stain teeth, or burn mouth unlike an alcoholic mouthwash.

Product Info

Why Dentoral Mint Mouthwash?
Natural mint oil mouthwash is refreshing and soothing way to clean your mouth. It is very gentle and is well tolerated by children and adults alike.

Why do you need a mouthwash?
Mouth harbors millions of bacteria on the tongue, cheek and teeth. These bacteria multiply by using nutrients in food particles, cell debris and secretions in mouth. Large bacterial population can result in bad breath, gingivitis, plaque, cavities and gum disease. A clean mouth has fewer nutrients for bacterial growth. Mouthwash in combination with brushing, flossing and cleaning of tongue can help to clean the mouth.

Is brushing not enough to clean the mouth?
Brushing does mechanical cleaning of teeth. Brushing does not reach every point in the mouth where most of the bacteria are attached. Mouthwash can reach practically every surface area in the oral cavity.

How does mouthwash clean the oral cavity?
A good mouthwash product has at least dual action. A detergent component helps dislodge food particles and cell debris by mechanical force of gargling or swishing. It dilutes and washes away oral secretions. The microbicidal property helps to reduce bacterial population.

Can mouthwash eliminate all the bacteria in the mouth?
Mouthwash does not eliminate all the bacterial population in mouth. A good mouthwash reduces bacterial population to a very low level to maintain better oral hygiene.

How to select a good mouthwash?
A good mouthwash should be safe and effective. It should not contain any toxic ingredient. At the same time it should have a high microbicidal activity. It should rapidly kill a broad range of bacteria within the short duration of use. It should have pleasant taste and flavor. Even children should be able to use mouthwash, as they are most vulnerable to tooth decay.

How often should I use mouthwash?
Ideally after every major meal one should use mouthwash. However, this is not always possible. One must use mouthwash at least before and after brushing both in the morning and at bedtime.

Lab Results

Efficacy of Mouthwash Products

Comparative Efficacy of Non Alcoholic Mouthwash Products

Oral Bacteria


Springkiss® Jr.

Leading Brand
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Actinomyces odontolyticus check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes)
Actinomyces viscosus check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes)
Actibacillus actinomycetemcomitans check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes) X
Candida albicans * check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes)
Fusobacterium nucleatum check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes)
Peptostreptococcus anaerobius check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes)
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Pseudomonas aeruginosa check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes) X
Streptococcus mutans check.gif (886 bytes) check.gif (886 bytes) X

Bactericidal effect after 30 seconds of exposure to the mouthwash product. The test were carried essentially by the FDA protocol for testing antiseptic mouthwash products. * = Contact time of 2-5 minutes