PRO-SAN Compact Free-Standing Display


Contains :
24 each of Pro-San® L 24 oz Ready to Use Spray Bottles
24 each of  Pro-San® Powder Concentrate Refill packets


Height: 55”       Length: 17”        Width: 13.5”        Weight 48 lbs.

    • Space saving display with convenient access to Pro-San L RTU COVID-19 effective surface sanitizer and fruit and Vegetable wash as well as cost saving powder concentrate refill packages for easy storage.

    • Convenient to place near Grocery Fruit & Vegetable stands
    • Easy introduction to customer
    • Purchase replacements as group or separately
    • Discounts available for 10, 25, and 50 display orders.

Handy display of Pro-San L antibacterial surface cleaner and fruit and vegetable wash is ideal to present this environmentally safe product made from FDA approved food grade and GRAS ingredients, to your customers and suitable to provide additional marketing space without tying up your shelf space.