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    Our SPRINGKISS® Jr. Mouthwash for kids is 99.9% Natural, Bubble gum flavored, 100% Alcohol free, and best of all, it's Pink! Your kids will absolutely love using this mouth wash.

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    Our PRO-SAN ® fruit and vegetable wash cleaner and sanitizer kills 99.999% bacteria making fruits and vegetables safe for you to eat.

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    Our Fruit & Vegetable Wash Cleaner and Sanitizer for food is safe and highly effective against bacteria. You can safely sanitize the surfaces that come in contact with food without the need for rinsing with water.

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    Silky-Soft® is our patented sanitizing soap. It rapidly kills a broad spectrum of germs while leaving the skin feeling silky soft, even after repeated use.

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    Pro-San available in RTU liquid, Powder Concentrate, and Liquid concentrate.

Welcome to Microcide, Inc.

We are the leading providers of safe and non-toxic antimicrobial products. Years of research has led to the invention of products that are safe and non-toxic, yet kill bacteria on contact. Our products are safe, because they are made only from ingredients approved by the FDA and USDA as food grade. We provide powder forms for our products whenever possible, cutting down on packaging waste while also making it easier to carry along while traveling.


Our Product Line

PRO-SAN® (powder) / PRO-SAN® L (liquid) – our organic fruit and vegetable wash products kill 99.999% bacteria on contact. Both the products are certified for biobased content by the USDA and registered as sanitizers with the US EPA. They do not leave residue on fruits and vegetables. They form colorless, odorless and biodegradable solution free of alcohol and animal products. These products are non-toxic and safe. They increase the shelf-life of produce as well as keep the vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants in pristine condition. Also available in PRO-SAN® LC (liquid concentrate).

Approved by the EPA as a no rinse food contact surface sanitizer. It kills gram positive, gram negative and even antibiotic resistant bacteria. The no rinse sanitizer kills germs on any surface that comes in contact with food like cutting boards, counters, dishes, cutlery, tables etc. Institutional use is in diaries, meat processing plants, restaurants, grocery stores (rinsing, misting), daycare centers, nursing homes etc. PRO-SAN® powder makes it very convenient to carry on while traveling domestically or overseas. Just mix with tap water and your fruit and vegetable wash / food contact surface sanitizer is ready.

DENTORAL® alcohol free mouthwash is flavored with natural mint or clove . Our mouthwash is at least as effective, if not more as the leading alcohol containing mouthwash. Travel size powder refill packs make it the most convenient way to carry on your mouthwash without worrying about the security checks at the airport, just mix with water and your mouthwash is ready. The product helps prevent bad breath, bleeding gums and cavities. DENTORAL kills germs that cause bad breath.

SPRINGKISS Jr.® our alcohol free mouthwash is specifically made for children. Kids love the great bubblegum flavor. It kills germs that cause bad breath and helps prevent gingivitis, plaque buildup and bleeding gums. Using SPRINGKISS Jr.® everyday, will lead to a healthy habit that will last a lifetime.

SILKY SOFT® Sanitizing Soap leaves skin feeling silky soft. It has been approved by the USDA as Sanitizing Soap and has been lab tested to kill H1N1 influenza virus, MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and VRE (Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus). It contains ingredients lethal for Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Protozoan cysts (Giardia).SILKY SOFT® Sanitizing Soap has the highest USDA rating of E2. Rapidly kills germs so becomes effective even during brief contact in hand washings. SILKY SOFT® Sanitizing Soap does not contain alcohol, triclosan or quaternary ammonium compounds. Contains skin healing Aloe Vera extract and skin rejuvenating alpha hydroxy acid.